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Arc provided in exchange for an honest review OMG YES This is the book I ve been waiting for Logan and his Virgin are together again for a night This series just keeps blowing my expectations of whats to come next CJ Fallowfield, I think I 3 you All contact information has been deleted, yet Logan cannot get Summer out of his head.
and heart It s been a long Summerless 9 months in Logan s world Fantasizing, parking near her residence He s desperate to see her again He comes up with a fool proof plan to see her Oooh, the things this man will do to make it a perfect event swoon I d resolved to never take another booking from her, I d never gotten emotionally attached to a client before, it didn t bode well for me Especially not when she obviously just saw me as the guy she paid to take her virginity and nothing else He Obsessed by books arc given in exchange for an honest review I m going to be holding my breath until you call me, waiting for my life to start again, don t make me run out of oxygen Logan has an Achilles heelSummer He has fallen so deeply for her that ten months after their one night he breaks his own rule and contacts her Using his natural talent to woo a woman he sets up a perfect night for her Beginning with presents, every detail including caring for her parents, is covered smoothly to create the ultimate night for Summer We watch as the sparks fly bwteen them and she ignites something within him that no other ever hasthe need to possess Summer in the intervening ten months apart has grown into ain control confident woman S Once again, another hot read Logan is craving Summer, his virgin for the night She has crawled in his head and he can t get her out Logan is finally going to show his true self and forget all the rules, would Summer welcome him with open arms Or would Logan have to say good bye to her forever obsessed by books arc given for an honest review YES, YES, YES, This is what I ve been waiting for holy hotness Logan hasn t been able to get Summer out of his head for 10 mos Now he s having a hard time keeping her out of his heart.
Logan decides to surprise Summer by showing up as her date for her big movie premier, but it s just not for her, but for him as well he doesn t want another man to touch , look or think about Summer When he shows up ,Summer is a little overwhelmed, then Logan starts going on about his feelings toward her and she s trying to understand why, why her and how.
Of course you can t have love without bumps along the way, she s scared ,his scared, she wants him to give up his job as a male escort, he wants her to give up her dream of become an actress Logan loves his job, I mean who This is the one we ve all been waiting for and C J Fallowfield delivers perfection with this next instalment in the For the Night Series Sophisticated for the Night sees the reunion of Logan Steele and Summer Beresford The only woman ever to have captivated, entrance and hold Logan Steele s thoughts forthan one night For 9 months she s been in his thoughts and she s driven him to break all his own rules 1, he s got emotionally attached, 2 he s seeing her again and it s not a booking and 3 he s not even sure if she wants him still This is Logan Steele in unchartered territory unsure, out of control and vulnerable to someone else Summer, unknowingly has the power to bring London s most sought after escort to his knees She s etched into my bones Summer,

We get to see a couple of different sides to Logan in this book that we haven t seen before nervous and anxious, at times maybe unsure He definitely has his work cut out for him to get Summer to see him beyond his chosen path of being an escort Summer, on the other hand, has definitely blossomed since her night with Logan, and it appears she might be the next big movie star But she s still humble and very down to earth And of course thrown off kilter when her date to the movie premiere shows up Without giving away too much of this book, suffice it to say that Logan definitely has a double standard when it comes to careers, and yay for Summer for sticking to her guns And thank heavens for James saying what needed to be said to Logan.
I will say that while I was anticipating the ending of this installment, I was so ð Sophisticated for the Night ð ARC copy provided for honest review He s the hottest gigolo in town Every woman wants him He might come with a high fee, but Logan Steele promises to fulfil your every fantasy and give you the night of your life He has a list of rules which he always obeys, No form of emotional attachment during or after the event I am merely performing a sexual or companion service.
No contact after the event unless it is for a new booking.
But what happens when it s the man himself who ends up breaking his own rules Sophisticated for the Night sees Logan Steele crossing boundaries, for the only client that s ever managed to awaken feelings he never knew he was even capable of experiencing Even though it s been months since their encounter, Summer Beresford is still in his daily thoughts Learning of Summer s upcoming premier for her debut movie and her planned Received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review As the novellas keep coming, they keep getting better and better I could never, ever get enough of Logan and he s just so tender when he s not playing a role I love how attentive and lovable he is with Summer Sophisticated for the Night.
I can t believe Logan actually went ahead and broke his rules and all for just one woman that he can t seem to get off his mind Summer invades all his thoughts and even when he s with client s all he thinks about is Summer.
In Sophisticated for the Night he plans on wooing Summer But is Mr Steele capable of leaving his escort lifestyle for one woman, no matter how much he likes her I seriously think Logan is starting to fall in love with Summer But he needs to act fas At 99% At 99.
5 % At 100 % YOU D BETTER HAVE A REALLY GOOD EXPLANATION, SUMMER BERESFORD Good lord, it was AMAZING I love them together Logan is a ten in the whole bookI m not falling for you, Summer, not since I ve had time to sleep and reflect on that comment I ve already fallen, so bloody hard it s painful You re what gets me up in the morning, you re the power behind all of my thoughts and actions You re driving me insane, woman Tell me you re there with me Because I don t want to be in this on my own He was so sweet with her, I was in awe He was so sincere, so patient and lovely I m so in love with the real himI d never sprung back so fast, not even in my teens Neither had I ever tasted anything so good, in factthe thought of laying her on a fully dressed top table, serving her up Do You Want Me To Be My Name Is Logan Steele I M Devilishly Handsome, Seriously Ripped, Well Hung, Charismatic And Highly Sexed Women Just Can T Resist Me So When I Lost My Job In The Construction Industry And Was Struggling For Cash, I Decided To Put My Assets To Good UseBy Day I M A Private Personal Fitness Trainer By Night I M A High Class Escort, Making Women S Utmost Desires Come To LifeIt Had Been Over Nine Months Since I D Download Epub Format Ô Sophisticated for the Night PDF by ☆ C.
Fallowfield Deflowered Summer Beresford, In Her Virgin For The Night Fantasy Nine Months Where She D Plagued My Thoughts, Both In My Personal And Professional Life I D Been Resolved To Never Take Another Booking From Her, I D Never Gotten Emotionally Attached To A Client Before, It Didn T Bode Well For Me Especially Not When She Obviously Just Saw Me As The Guy She Paid To Take Her Virginity And Nothing Else I Didn T Take Rejection Well When I read That Her Co Star Daron Beck Had Set His Sights On Her And Planned To Accompany Her To Their Movie Premiere Next Week, It Made My Blood Boil His Reputation For Sleeping With His Leading Ladies, Was Nearly As Legendary As My Reputation For Being The Best In The Business He, Other The Other Hand, Wasn T So Respectful Of Women The Thought Of Him Putting His Hands On Her, If He Hadn T Already, Or Treating Her Badly, Made My Mind Up I Was About To Do Something I D Never Done, Take A Former Client Out Without Her Paying Me, And I Wasn T Going To Take No For An Answer Next Week I D Be Accompanying Summer To Her Premiere, Whether She Liked It Or Not Sophisticated Is Book Five In The For The Night Series, Which Can All Be read As Standalone Steamy Reads However If read In The Following Sequence, You Get Taken On Logan S Journey Of Self Discovery, And The Entire Series Becomes A Romance NovelStrangers For The Night Virgin For The Night Filthy For The Night M Nage For The Night Sophisticated for the Night Biker For The Night Dominant For The Night Actor For The Night