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Firstly can I just say that the true temptress is an amazing author called CJ Fallowfield she never fails to hook us in with her genius writing, hot sex scenes and likeable characters Each and every book is a great read and she has a very easy way of telling a story that entices you to always wantEach book gets better and better Now for the review Thank you CJ for yet another brilliant book Deserves so muchthan 5 twinkling stars is a fabulous standalone book that I honestly didn t want to end I d highly recommend it Lulu McQueen is a feisty, beautiful businesswoman who spends one unexpected night of unimaginable pleasure with a tall, dark and ridiculously handsome bombastic Frenchman, she knows only as Luc His dirty mouth and domineering ways gift her with pleasures and memories, firmly embedding that That book is unusual because it begins very well by slowly building up the tension and angst It makes you nervous and curious about what will happen Then, by %50, phew, all angst and tension gone in the middle of the book And their happily ever after begins by the middle of the book and it gets happier and happier till the end I had never read a book before this one in which the hero and the heroine are happily together by the middle of the book That is why, I waited for something bad to happen till the end of the book, but no, it didn t The hero and the heroine acted wisely, perfectly and ideally, not causing anymisunderstandings or problems, so things got resolved between them smoothly Therefore, in the second half of the book, there was this slow and dragging story of their happy relationship.
I had a h Book Had The Perfect Amount Of Dirty Sex, Sweetness Love Give Me books Blog Something About A French Accent Just Screams Romance, Sex, And Passion There S A Reason French Is Called The Language Of Love Lulu McQueen Runs An Exclusive Honeytrap Agency, Designed To Test The Fidelity Of Rich Men For Their Suspicious Partners While Her Business Flourishes And Track Record In The Field Remains Unbroken, Her Personal Life Isn T So Successful One Night, Years Ago, Lulu Experienced Bliss [C.
Fallowfield] à The Temptress [comics PDF] Ebook Epub Download à On A Scale She D Never Encountered Before, With Luc, A Charismatic, Dominant, Irresistible Frenchman She Fled In The Morning, Ashamed Of Herself, But Her Parisian One Night Stand Was Burned Into Her Memories, Ruining Her For Anyone Else When Lulu Steps In To Lure Mrs Le Grand S Rich Husband, For An Exorbitantly High Fee, She Gets The Shock Of Her Life When She Finds Her Mark At The Hotel Bar Luc Le Grand Still Has A Face And Body To Make Adonis Weep He Exudes Confidence, Masculinity, And Raw Sex AppealThe Question Now Isn T Whether Lulu Can Tempt Him, But Whether She Can Resist Him When She Failed BeforeAn Bestselling Erotic Romance, The Temptress Is A Standalone Novel, But Can Be read In Conjunction With Its Companion Book, All That Glisters, And Their Follow Up Novella, A Red Hot Christmas Paris It Was Previously Released With A Different Cover Image The Temptress by C J Fallowfield has you hooked from the first page as its full of passion, excitement, secrets, humour and blazing chemistry It is a standalone novel and the premise of this book makes it a tricky one to review without spoilers so please be aware I m being deliberately vague and cryptic Lulu McQueen, 30, is a successful business woman who runs a highly sought after honey trap agency called Sweet Temptations It s an established, above board classy agency and has very high expectations of its staff I had a golden rule that was an instant dismissal if it was broken Never sleep with a client Lulu is wealthy, successful and sought after in her professional life, but her personal life is the opposite She s an attractive brunette whose look can entice and ensnare any male and her brain can bring about their demise she s often underesti 5 Cranky Stars Lulu McQueen is The Temptress She s beautiful, smart and loves with a passion that s second to none.
She ventures to Paris for a Hens weekend with her best friend Coco and Coco s sister to let loose and celebrate While drinking champagne at a night club, dancing and having a good time Lulu is oblivious that she caught the attention of Luc Le Grand.
Luc always gets what he wants which is usually a conquest between the sheets within an hour He doesn t do relationships and never chases women until Lulu.
Their chemistry is instant and stronger than anything either of them have ever experienced before Luc comes on strong stating his intentions right then Only problem is that Lulu doesn t do one night stands She s the first woman to tell him no which makes him want herThey agree to a date the following day and Luc states very clearly that he ll be ARC received for honest review 5 I honestly believe with every book CJ Fallowfield writes, for the reader the experience just keeps getting better and better due to the depths of her writing ability Just when you think she can t possibly top her last series, she raises the bar yet again, delivering another stunning novel that grabs your attention, consumes you, mesmerising you all over again and refuses to let you go.
Starting The Temptress I was hooked from the first page It s a novel of two alpha characters which I easily fell in love with Lulu McQueen is a strong independent woman She owns her own business running an exclusive honeytrap agency, Sweet Temptations You have doubts that your husband partner is cheating then Lulu McQueen is the woman for you Her mission is to respectably test the fidelity of these men to see if the suspicions you ha Ê The Temptress Ê First of all, the cover of this book is absolutely stunning And the substance inside the cover was just as stunning.
I loved the writing style, although I was stumped with some of the French languagehaha A getaway weekend with her friends finds Lulu McQueen meeting a handsome French mysterious HOT man named Luc Although she was not the type to have one night stands or any kind of sexual fling, she gets caught up in Luc and his charismatic charm and dirty talk They spend a day together and then one incredibly hot night Wow, their chemistry was smoking In the morning, Lulu leaves before Luc wakes up, feeling ashamed and embarrassed Circumstances prevent them from finding one another again, so she returns home to her blooming business and loneliness Lulu ARC provided for an honest review There is no secret that I am a huge fan of CJ Fallowfield, from Gabe and Mia to Dan and Ellie, to Logan and Summer, but I have to say that Lulu and Luc are by far my most favorite to date This story truly took me through so many emotions from happy tears to sad tears back to happy tears, I laughed, cried, and was truly happy I cannot describe how heartfelt and amazing this story of true love is Not only has Ms Fallowfield wrote another amazing book, but again this is my favorite of all

5 You re so wow Stars Sometimes you just know, you know that with a certain author, the book they have written, their style, the characters, and the story line everything just clicks, and you lose yourself, it s not just reading a book, it s a whole emotional and involved experience You go on the journey that the author gives the characters, become so connected with them through its telling that you feel everything they are feeling, hurt when they hurt, hope for them, get frustrated and angry with and for them, you will them on, and you cross everything that they will get all that they deserve, andAnd that is what this author excels at, the stories she writes and the attention to detail that she provides in their telling are incomparable for me I am not in general a gushy reviewer, I have been called apicky bitchon occasion, and I am happy with that moniker, I have high 4.
5 Fair minded stars Shame on me I sincerely owe C J Fallowfield an apology for getting all bent out of shape when the story line was evident that the lead character s job was to entrap men whom her clients thought were having an affair That pissed me off I closed the book without finishing and missed out on some of the best writing I ve ever read The first Time around It bothered me so much that the reviews all around were 5 stars, and I began to wonder what the hell I missed Then my review appeared on Ms Fallowfields page and I felt absolutely awful, because I was one of those damn readers that I despise that didn t even finish the book The second time around I let the story bring me into it s theater of characters, and was quickly consumed with wanting Lulu and Luc to find their happ