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WowI gotta say this book had me balling The love they had for each other The bond with their friends and family Watching someone die in front of you Amazing series I felt like I was right with them Well C J Fallowfield its a done deal, Iv e read dozens of trilogies but i m making it official that this one is now No1 on my list I think youv e captured every emotion known to man All Authors can stretch our imagination and beckon us to get lost in there books But you C.
J somehow take it one step further and that s what makes you stand out from the rest, its almost as if youv e lived these live s we read about This concluding story of Dan and Ellie was one of the most emotional books iv e read to date The love and passion devotion and emotion that this book depicts exceeds even my imagination This trilogy has to make the best seller list and 5 stars will never be enough for such a masterpiece I was given this ARC to read for a true and honest review.
Cruel Twist Of FateWe Had It All, Everything We Ever Wanted, Our Happily Ever After, Full Of Sizzling Sex, And Undeniable AttractionBut Who Can Have It All Not UsWhen The Past Comes Back, Everything Changes, And Crumbles Suddenly, We Re Fighting For Everything Our Lives, Our Kids, Our Future Days Of Autumn Is The Last Book In TheDays Erotic Romance Trilogy, Which Must Be read Sequence To Avoid Spoilers The Series Contains Adult Themes Suitable For The OverS OnlyThis Book Was Previously Released With A Different Download Epub Format ✓ 31 Days of Autumn (31 Days, #3) PDF by ☆ C.
Fallowfield Cover Image And Book Description TheDays Trilogy Box Set Is Also Available, At A Saving Of Over % Compared To Buying The Three Individual Ebooks He was my golden bloody ticket And just for kicks, one last screw you for what I d lost, once I got my pay day, I wouldn t f king give him back 31 days of Autumn continues seamlessly from the previous book in the series picking up where the sinister epilogue left uswith someone trying to ruin Dan and Ellie s happily ever after Plotting to cash in by kidnapping Oliver the plot is a little darker than the others in the 31 days series Can Dan protect his family from those who wish to destroy their happiness Sometimes the best laid plans just isn t enoughand the lengths some people are willing to go to for money are unbelievable as the ultimate price is paid, in blood Testing loyalties and friendships to the limits 31 Days of Autumn show it s not always a ride off into the sunset This story is epic It left me feeling stunned, by 14% I had tears rolling down my cheeks yet only Ò 31 Days of Autumn (31 Days, #3) ¶ WOW, definitely had some aspects of what I thought would happen but just OMG CJ is quite the writer I totally did not see some of that coming Again, I laughed out old mantis times, I cried a few and I rejoiced through out this book I just wished there was a littlewritten of the conversation between Dan and Robert s son Just seemed a little bit of a missing But other than that I liked that you moved forward in time a year to progress the story in places so it made sense The Ollie and girlfriend showing up was pretty funny And it was nice knowing where all the characters were at the end Nice way to do it in my opinion Definitely worth paying for each book in this trilogy Maybe you will write a book for Ollie, Jonas Eva Would be nice to see one each on Dean, Andy and Sam I think that was Dan s Assistant.
Fallowfield delivers the full package This 3rd and final installment of a totally awesome trilogy is near perfection Every possible emotion and description is woven throughout this book and tied into a neat little binding to the end Ms Fallowfield gives the perfect words to Dan Davenport to totally thrill Ellie, as well as the reader There is evil and passion and suspense and remarkable twists and surprises, all bound in the nurturing sexual passion that this couple share and that the author presents with perfect balance of heat and adoration I also love learning the Scottish and British terminology, foods, and lifestyle Ms Fallowfield has become a romance author I will follow and look forward to immensely.
I m not sure if I have actually started to breath yet This is one helluva ending, you never know what s happening around the corner.
So much love, so much sorrow I cried my eyes out some of the time reading this book I have been through every emotion from overly happy to angry as hell So take a deep breath because you are in for one serious journey with the last book in this series Absolutely loved all three of the books, never once been bored Well written.

LovedLove the characters,the storyline,the interaction,the stay sex and hea.
This is truly a beautiful series ,the friendship is magic and so are the characters.
Wow There are no words to describe the emotion, suspense, just overall feel of this book I fell in love with Dan and Ellie story in the first two books, but this one just to get to it whole other level I literally could not help myself but to tear up at parts, and gripping my Kindle so scared I thought was going to break at certain parts Ms Fallowfield has completely out done herself with this book I do believe this is my new favorite of all her books Like I said I cannot describe the emotions and the suspense that this book pulls and pulls you into but I was pulled in at the every beginning and was completely captivated until the very end I received this ARC for and honest review.
Gah Talk about ramping up your writing skills Fallowfield manages to add some serious suspense to her portfolio with this final installment of the 31 Days series The other two books had their strife and angst as any story involving love and money might, but this volume kicks it up about ten notches Fallowfield s signature heat is there but it takes a bit of a backseat to a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and holding your breath while turning the page You ll fall in love with the characters again and again, as if you hadn t already bonded with them having followed their journey thus far.
It is completely necessary to read the first two books in the series as they must be read in order Each book builds on the other to reach its denouement you won t be disappointed