↠´ Inescapable Õ Download by Ú C.J. Fallowfield

Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC I really liked this story and the mystery of Alex s past The psycho who abused her is one sick mofo I liked the interaction between Castle and her she gives as good as she gets and so does he Loved that ending, one this story deserved to its fullest.
WOW This was a pull at your heartstrings kinda book I absolutely loved it Every page pulled me in deeper and deeper The characters were amazing and real As emotional as this was, CJ definitely knows how to mix in just the right about of humor and good feelings to make it all balance out.
Book Was Previously Released With A Different Cover ImageHaunted By The Ghosts Of Her Past, Alex Bishop Flees To London, But Soon Finds That She Can T Outrun Her DemonsReclusive Billionaire Tate Castle Enters Her Life As It Begins To Spiral Out Of Control, And The Primal Attraction That Flares Between Them Knocks Her World Off Its Axis His Proposition Seems To Be The Answer To All Of Her Problems, But Her Acceptance Will Change Their Lives ↠´ Inescapable Õ Download by Ú C.
Fallowfield IrreparablySuspense, Drama, And Passion Follow Them From The Capital To His Idyllic Caribbean Hideout, As They Struggle To Reconcile Their Mutual Desire With The Deep Emotional Scars They BearAlex Is Quickly Dragged Back Into Her Worst Nightmare, Where She Has To Fight For What She Desires, And Her Very Survival They Learn The Hard Way That You Can Run, But You Can Never Hide Destiny Is Inescapable, It Will Always Find YouInescapable Is A Standalone Erotic Romance Novel With Suspense Warning As A Domestic Violence Survival Story, This Novel May Contain Triggers You know when you have a favourite author and you put off reading their books because you don t want to read it and then finish it and be left with nothing else Yeah that s exactly how I feel when I have a CJ Fallowfield book I never want to get started because I know I won t be able to stop and then it will all be over and I ll be sat there wanting and needingThis is me right now, after finished Inescapable I m left wanting , NEEDING it in fact I m so sad that it s over.
Ok, so let me get started on this book and my feels because there s so many feels right now Castle and Alex are two characters that I won t be forgetting any time soon They both have suffered an unfair amount of pain in their lives, a different kind of pain from each other but pain nonetheless A pain that guts them, pain that has them retreating into themselves, pain that This is my first book by C J Fallowfield and it certainly won t be my last.
This story is very hard to read in places but the storyline was very well done and you can tell these words mean an awful lot to the writer.
It takes a special sort of author to mix this storyline the way it was and have their readers laughing one minute and then despising someone so much the next and C.
J Fallowfield perfected this.
I have spent the day reading this book from cover to cover as it wasn t possible to put it down.
It s addictive and I absolutely loved this story.
It was like reading someone s rebirth.
,reading them learn to trust again.
I haven t felt this many emotions reading a book in a long while and i m definitely going to be left with a massive book hangover now.
I absolutely recommend you one click this book as soon as you can.
I m voluntarily r 5 PERFECT STARS Holy hell, this was perfect and just what I needed to get out of my reading slump.
I had my doubts after the first few pages and the way she met Richard, but it got so much better after that Some things were a bit predictable but I don t even care, I m teary eyed and so emotional right now.
I need a Tate Castle in my life Received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
Û Inescapable Û Inescapable by CJ Fallowfield Omg this was an absolutely fantastic read loved the story very emotional CJ knew how to pull your heartstrings some bits were hard to read I loved Alex assistants Tom and Janice how they were with each other Loved castle and Alex hated Richard he was Evil.
a must read.
Wowthe ending for the villain in this story is just too kind Too kind I must say that some part of the story is not easy to read So much so that I skimmed through them because it genuinely made me feel so uneasy I like Tate A lot I wish there would beof him I find his character a bit of a mystery and I love myself a mystery man I like the length that he went to for Alex, but goodness me, his security team aren t very thorough, are they I also the mixed of tones that I got from the story It made me scared and nervous, but occasionally I would find myself laughing silly over some funny lines Thank you NetGalley and Xpresso Book Tours for the online copy I voluntarily read and reviewed this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It s been 20 months since I brought you a full length novel, and I can t wait for you all to read Inescapable at the end of May It s a suspenseful erotic romance, that pushes at my boundaries of how dark I m prepared to go with my writing I m hoping that you all feel the tension, as well as my usual heat and humour Inspired by my own experiences of domestic abuse, albeit no where near the level that my heroine endured, some scenes were hard to write, and may be hard to read for anyone else who is a survivor But I hope that the rest of the book makes up for those tough parts and that the payout is worth it Looking forward to hearing what you thought keep your eyes peeled in my reader group, and newsletter, for the exclusive sneak peek at the cover reveal and synopsis in April, before it s shared with the general public on my 3.
75 Firstly let me start by saying I really enjoyed this book In the interests of total honesty I did struggle early on Now you could argue that the beginning is just the means to the end It introduces the characters and gets the story where it needs to be.
And that s true but the first meeting between Izzie and Richard had me cringing and it just didn t sit right with me But I am a picky, hard to please reader so it s probably just me.
The rest of the book is fabulous Although I would have preferred a littleat the end Like I said picky reader.
Once I d settled in I throughly enjoyed it Lizzie Alex deserves to be happy and she gets her chance with rich, handsome and simply amazing Tate Castle With everything Alex has been through it