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What a great Book Its my favorite in the entire series Thanks CJ Fallowfield for taking me on this amazing journey with Mia and Gabe Can t wait to see what other great stories you will share Sod off I effin love this series Overload I will miss Gabe and Mia, aswell Lexi Took me a week to finished reading Really I m in agony that I m done reading this series.
The Campus Killer Having Been Revealed And Life Changing Decisions Having Been Made By Mia, Gabe And Lexi, It Should Be Smooth Sailing For The Trio But As Ever, Nothing Goes To Plan Much Personal Progress Is Made, But Massive Backward Steps Are Also TakenWill Mia, Gabe And Lexi Work Out Their Issues And Have Their Happy Ever Download Epub Format ñ Infinite Love PDF by ✓ C.
Fallowfield Afters A magnificent culmination of The Austin Series Well heck where do I begin This book was smooth sailing BAZINGA My emotions felt as though I was on a sailboat in rough waters I m quite positive I felt every human emotion possible at least twice in this book Over the series I ve laughed and cried been happy and sad along with Mia and her crew It s bittersweet the way the series wrapped up in the last novel There may have been a time or two I wanted to throw my kindle from the immense disquietude of my emotions After I invested myself through the entire romantic series I ultimately believed this book would be a sweet and uneventful wrap up of the story Ha, It was quite the opposite I felt connected to Mia and her quic ARC copy given for an honest review I cannot even begin to say how much I love this series These characters have truly captured my heart I was so drawn into this book series that not only did Gabe and Mia s relationship capture me, but all the different relationships drew me in and captured my heart.
Infinite Love picks up right where Love Loss left off Gabe and Mia s love and commitment is truly tested to the limit From the first page I was put on an emotional rollercoaster My heart loved and ached with each characters I do not want to give any spoilers, so all I will say is you will not be disappointed This book beautifully ties everything together with a well deserved ending.
I just finished all six books.
words cannot describe how much I loved this series.
if only I could find me a Gabe Û Infinite Love Û ARC copy provided by the author for honest review The Austin Series is the best series I have read, EVER, it s captivating and you will not be disappointed The last book in the series is intense Your emotions will run wild, I had to take breaks just to get my emotions in check to finish reading I have feel in love with all of the characters Mia, Gabe, Lex, and Doug The author takes you on the journey and I feel as though I know the characters personally She also makes you feel every emotion, happy, sad, anger, fear etc I have recommended this series to everyone I know and will continue to do so, it is simply indescribable in words read it You will not be disappointed.
What an emotional ride A really great series Thank u CJ for the opportunity to read ur first book The characters are amazing, great twists, amazing sex and forever love Whatcould u possibly want

WOW I really would givethan 5 stars to this one This is a really good ending to an awesome story of 2 people who were meant to be but had to fight to survive in their relationship Mia and Gabe are 2 of the most passionate, emotional, loving, stubborn people Infinite Love showed their relationship could withstand anything as long as they fought for each other They loved each other so much it practically hurt In this book you feel a mix of emptions You laugh at Lexi and Mia together, you get angry at Mia and Gabe s stubbornness and you cry with the emotional roller coaster of their feelings for each other and the hurt they encounter C.
J Fallowfield is a wonderful author with such an amazing talent for being able to capture a reader like she did in this series Infinite Love is the end of Mia s and Gabe s journey together but what a real emotional impact it has on me as a reader I DEFINTEIY OMG I have just read Infinite Love, the last book in the Austin series and I was blown away I laughed, I cried tears of happiness and sadness, I screamed in frustration and then cried again at a beautiful ending that gave me everything I hoped that it would Please, please, please come back and dowith these characters in the future I m going to miss them so much One amazing series and evenincredible is that it s your first attempt at writing Kudos Ms Fallowfield, you have a super fan for life here If you are not reading this series, you are seriously missing out GET IT NOW 3