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Domville books No One Knows What Goes On Behind Closed Doors The Domville Takes A Peek Behind The Doors Of The Prestigious Six Star Chain Of Hotels Make Your Domville Reservation Now To Avoid DisappointmentEach Door Reveals A Different Scorching Tale A Rock Star And His Groupies, A Last Chance To Experience Sex With Someone Else Before Marriage, Then The Heat Between Love To Hate Frenemies The Non Committal Cad, A Couple Whose Marriage Is In Need Of Spicing Up Try [C.
Fallowfield] ¼ The Domville [flash-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¼ The Swinging Scene, The Flames That Burn When Two Long Term Best Friends Finally Give Into Their Desires And A Steamy M Nage With M M Action Last, But By No Means Least, The Spoiled Heiress Of The Exclusive Hotel Chain, Camilla Domville, Finally Meets Her Match FromBestselling Humorous Erotic Romance Author, CJ Fallowfield, Comes The Domville This Is An Erotica, Not An Erotic Romance, Series, So Not Every Story Will Feature A Happy Ever After Some Will Make You Laugh, Some Will Make You Cry, Some Will Even Make You Gasp, But All Are Sure To Get You Hot Under The Collar As Of June , The Novellas That Formed The Domville Series Box Set, Can Now Only Be Purchased As This Combined Series Edition The Domville, a hotel of the highest standard, designed for the rich and affluent, this series will give you a glimpse in to the life of those rich and affluent, their lives, relationships and the trials that they face.
You will get a chance to delve in to the life of the Domvilles, in particular Daughter Camilla Domville, she explores the high life in every way possible as well as the patrons that frequent the use of this wonderful hotel, Having the opportunity to be a fly on the wall of these suits is golden, especially the bedrooms, these story s are HOT Ms Fallowfield has a talent In bringing you the erotic natures of the hotel guests and just why The Domville is their only choice.
Join the upper class and explore just what this wonderful place has to offer, you won t be sorry Leave your inhibitions at the door, come on in and enjoy The Domville Complete Box Set No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.
I loved writing this series and spreading my wings a little with some topical and controversial storylines Made up of all eight best selling sizzling erotica novellas, The Domville Complete Box Set takes a peek behind the doors of the prestigious six star chain of hotels, at a saving of over 50% Make your Domville reservation now to avoid disappointment, it s available to pre order from .
Each door reveals a different scorching tale A rock star and his groupies, a last chance to experience sex with someone else before marriage, then the heat between love to hate frenemies The non committal cad, a couple whose marriage is in need of spicing up try the swinging scene, the flames that burn when two long term best friends finally giv The Domville Box Set is perfect for erotia fans who want an enjoyable quickie We get a little sample of everything in this 8 book box set, and while each novella can be read in one sitting, we still get to spend enough time with each set of characters that we feel invested in their story Expect a few shocking twists and surprises along the way, in addition to the steaming hot encounters that Fallowfield is known for Each novella within the series is an independent read, but they all exist within Fallowfield s universe, and so there is some fun overlap between a few of the books, or between The Domville series and Fallowfield s other works The Domville Box Set is a great compilation that allowed Fallowfield to branch out and try some new things, but stay true to her talent and her fans by continuing to give us great, authentic characters, hilarious dialogue, and An amazing series that will have you hooked right till the very endadore CJ Fallowfields work CJ writes another hit box set Her writing style just seems to make easy reading These are novellas about experiences that are had in plush hotels across the world They are love stories with an erotic theme and tackle different scenarios CJ has a great knack of referring to characters in other books and it s great to read about them Loved this series and can t really say that I have one favourite because they all are Well done Û The Domville Ü HOT HEAVY HEART WRENCHINGThese 8 stories have been oh so hot it makes you as hot and boy does it get heavy sexually and relationship wise By far the top 3 in my list of books to read cant wait forfor you 4.
5 stars What happens in The Domville hotels is so salacious and you get an insight to people s lives.
it s quite exceptional This is a fantastic serieseach book takes you on a different adventure In The Domville 1 we re visiting a character from CJ s Austin SeriesLexi You remember hershe s the one with commitment issues Well she s still confused as ever and relationships are still not on her agenda The Domville 2 we re off to meet a couple who makes a pact which makes cheating okwho does that Lisa Bradywith just 48 hours before they walk down the aisle Brady confessed to using his cheating passsmh This can t end well The Domville 3 we get no strings from Mandy which is Lisa s sister from The Domville 2 and Rampant Roger which is Brady s best friend.
The Domville 4 now this story I strongly suggest you read Ohthe lessons that are learned in this one The Domville 5 Some fantasy really need to stay just thata FANTASY The Domville 6 the friendship AttachedI picked up this book and became attached.
I couldn t put it down until I got to the end,it made me want .
I totally recommend this book.