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What the HELL And the cliffhanger omg That is why I wait for the whole series otherwise I want to pull my hair out Wow.
Now GABE is fricken alpha hot I know he s broken but your heart cracks for him Mia has her moments that I love her and other times want to spank her Arghhh, CJ Fallowfield just goes from strength to strength The Honeymoon Period picks up right where that OMG cliff hanger from Forever an Engine left off and also jumped forwards a bit in time Without leaving spoilers, as I d hate to ruin anyone s enjoyment of this amazing series, Gabe and Mia s relationship is really developing and it s a joy to see Mia started to learn to trust in Gabe s feelings for her and really let him deep inside her heart They are not without their up s and down s which leads toheated and very steamy scenes between them I really loved the development of Lexi s story as well as getting to know Robert Austin who is pretty hot in his own right, it s easy to see where Gabe has developed his Alpha mal This series is seriously good

Full Review can I say about this series that I haven t already said Its just as amazing as I ve come to expect from Fallowfield Mia and Gabe are faced with different obstacles in their relationship This installment really brought forward all of the frustrations these two usually keep bottled up There is one thing for certain, these two really love each other I am a mega fan of this series and these characters so I absolutely recommend it That ending was pretty shocking I could not believe it was my Mia and Gabe I have to say since I love these two so much and I want them to be happy a lot of the things they did to each other rubbed me the wrong way They are both so broken but I know they re trying so I hope they find the help they need inorder to be together and happy The sexy time is as always excellent I m pretty sure I m still blushing from some of the scenes in this in Gabe is recovering from his accident and he is struggling with his inability to do all that he used to before it happened Mia is dealing with the diagnosis the doctor gave her after her surgery, but Gabe is havingof an issue that she is He wants marriage and a family and Mia is not on board for that at all Gabe s father has a talk with her and gives her an ultimatum While I understood where he was coming from, I was surprised that Mia stayed afterwards It ends up that something Gabe does pushes her away and they have to make a decision about the future of their relationship.
I really do love the relationship that is growing between Mia and Gabe Gabe is still protective and had a crazy moment, but I think Mia is beginning to understand that he has issues to work out The author has done a wonderful job in keeping me interested in this story The story keeps progressing forward nicely This next portion of the story takes us through about a month and half of their lives Gabe took care of Mia after her surgery Mia and Gabe are finally in a good place in their relationship Then Gabe gets into a tragic accident, Its Mia s turn to show Gabe how much she loves him unconditional They are both struggling with his slow recovery from the accident Gabe s father Robert Austin gives Mia a difficult choice to make Stay and commit to his son or walk away Mia wants to start to earn money to pay back Gabe for the surgery She wants to take Pole dancing There is another murder on campus and this puts Gabe ☆ The Honeymoon Period (Austin #4) ☆ Oh boy What an emotional rollercoaster Mia made big strides in terms of her matureness, in my opinion She seemed to settle down with her childish ways, most of the times but sometimes her true age showed and I was qiuckly reminded, again, thats she s young Now Gabe, as much as I love him, made me shake my head I dont know whats got him so hot and cold I feel they both argue over the same issues and it never gets resolved and it makes me want to pull my hair out I still love him though I think if the characters were written ad an older age, then it wouldnt bother me so much Oh wellmy issue I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHO THIS MURDERER IS I feel I think I know who but Im just not sure.
I hope these two get their issues resolved because they can be so good together.
All in all I am happy with the way Mia is growing as a person in a relationship and hope she continue Mia Took Her Operation And Diagnosis In Her Stride, It Has Taken Its Toll On Gabe He Desperately Wants To Convince Mia To Change Her Mind, To One Day Agree To Marry Him And Start A Family, But Mia Is Still Weighted Down By The Baggage Of Her PastGabe Also Struggles With His Slow Recovery From The Accident, While Mia Finds His Increasing Mood Swings And Possessiveness And Difficult To Handle The Friction Only Adds To Their Scorching Sexual Compatibility Robert Austin, [ read Online The Honeymoon Period (Austin #4) ¹ mermaids PDF ] by C.
Fallowfield ¹ Aware That Gabe Wants , Presents Mia With A Difficult Choice Deal With Her Commitment Issues, Or Walk Away From His Son For GoodLexi However Seems To Be Making Remarkable Progress In Her Personal Life, Handling Not Only Her Miscarriage, But A New Relationship With Doug Is She Strong Enough To Sustain It All i received and ARC for an honest review.
Again the emotional rollercoaster is on I am so up and down with these two Sometimes I want them together and others apart Im glad Mia steps it up to take care of Gabe after his accident It helps her to faceof her own issues as well as his.
I am also happy for Lexi in that she gives Doug a chance I hope these two pull through Mia starts to mature a littlebut a few steps forward for her then she takes a huge leap back Let s just say her maturing is nowon line for the typical 18 year old in the early stages of a relationship Gabe tries so hard to be her rock and protector He continues to struggle with his own demons and how to deal with them as well as Mia He is a wonderful friend to Lexi which shows a lot of his charact I came across this series by accident, and I must admit I m loving it.
With the continuations with Mia Gabe relationship, the 4th book doesn t disappoint We watch Mia start to trustin her instincts to open upto Gabe, while allowing herself to start and grasp onto the true feelings to what he feels for her, and her for him For the first time in her life, she s starting to see a future with Gabe.
To Gabe, Mia s his world and with that comes his tendencies to need and want to protect her He s already lost dearly in his life, and he ll do anything in his power to protect Mia But could his obsession to protect her, spiral into him becoming possessive of her It s full of Hot sex Which from reading the other books you ll understand that Mia Gabe relationship is very steamy and physical There s emotions, laughs and tears that will ke