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English Review In this novella, we follow Gabe and see him growing up We discover him first as a child at the time of the tragic death of his mother for which he holds himself responsible then teenager when he has his first sexual relationship with a girl older than him and finally at 19 when he meets a brunette who made him feel new emotions It s is a prequel to the Austin series and gives a good overview of CJ Fallowfield s writing talents If you want a short erotic story, it is what you need Knowing that this will make you want to read the entire series Avis en fran ais Dans cette novella, nous suivons Gabe et le voyons grandir Nous le d couvrons d abord enfant, au moment du tragique d c s de sa m re dont il se tient pour res Super sexyI I ve it when a guy gets floored by a woman and this was no exception Steamy, lovely hot guy Whatcould a girl want If your up to date with The Austin series you will be aware the author touches upon Gabe s past throughout the series, but doesn t go into full detail In this book however, we get the full insight to Gabe s life as a child, growing up and the emotional effects that build up from that tragic day.
Reading the story from a child perspective is emotional You learn of the guilt that Gabe feels from what happened that day, and continues to carry The burden that he carries over the years only builds, due to refusing to allow himself to share what happened that day with anyone He blames himself, and believes even his father would hold him responsible for the events that developed Unable to offload, the guilt leaves him a raging body of pent up anger that can only be vented through using his fists, and then the introduction to sex helps him to forget Allowing him the escapism that he so desperat I jumped on that one because Melliane reviewed it, it s a short read, it s an erotica I haven t read one for too long and there were also good reviews on Goodreads Plus it was cheap And for such few pages, I wasn t disappointed.
The beginning was heartbreaking, an accident that could happen to everyone but is very likely to leave lifelong traces on a child As he grows up, this child begins to vent his anger by fighting at school, then finds another outlet women His first sexual relationship is steamy and he continues with a string of one night stands except for that first woman, who becomes a kind of friend with benefits.
On an evening out with friends, he s struck by lightning metaphorically speaking when he spots a girl in a bar and becomes inf Austin Is Tormented By Demons From His Past Blaming Himself For His Part In A Tragic Accident And Abandoned By His Father When He Needed Him Most, He Uses His Charm, Good Looks And Ripped Physique To Find Temporary Solace In An Abundance Of One Night Stands Dominating, Distant, Unwilling To Commit, Sex Becomes His Outlet For His Pain Until He Sees Her One Glance Was All It Took To Turn His World Upside Down, To Make Him Want To Possess Her Completely Gabe [C.
Fallowfield] Ð Destined [yuri PDF] read Online Ñ Just Knew That She Was The Girl To Heal His Shattered Heart, She Was His Destiny Destined Is A Standalone Humorous Erotic Romance Prequel Novella, Told From Gabe Austin S Point Of View, To Whet The Appetite ForBestselling Author CJ Fallowfield S The Austin Series

I follow the authors blog at and was as giddy as a school girl when I read there was going to be a prequel and Gabe Austin as the protagonist Oh how I longed for a peak into his life Don t get me wrong I love the other books thus why I follow the authors blog but Gabe holds my heart I was yearning forinsight into Gabes past life The addition to his relationship with Chelsea really made me understand himAlthough, this book really makes me feel bad for Julie I feelconnected to Gabe now and it will only make reading the rest of the books when they are released that muchexciting Mrs Fallowfield did not disappoint there are plenty of steamy sexy scenes in this novella Which lets be frank, that s what we are all looking for in erotic books I was not expecting to get a peek into Doug s life and was pleasantly surprised at the addition to t µ Destined µ 3.
5 stars Over too quickly I wantThis one was extremely hot Meek mice stay away 4 stars 4 stars