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Book two in the Austin Series follows this young couple as their new relationship faces its first tests The chemistry is still insane and the sex is off the charts, but they both have to deal with difficult pasts and new challenges You ll be cheering them on and hoping they find a way to work through their issues because you won t be ready to say goodbye to them either Once again, we are surrounded with all the details of Mia and Gabe s world, and we get to know the characters evenand really fall in love with them, flaws and all Mia and Gabe s relationship is fantastic they have to work hard to be together and accept each other without losing themselves, but it makes you love themAnd Mia and Lexi s friendship provides a great counterbalance humour and honesty and unconditional support I love the writing style of this series i Holy cow I am so hooked Mia, Gabe, Lex s story continues and WOW does it continue This series is going to get me fired at work I m as desperate as Mia is for the next book Book hangovers are the best kind And you will certainly not be able to put it down Sexy, funny and fun Scream, smile, laugh and be very angry I simply can t get enough Charismatic And Gorgeous Gabe Austin Had Finally Broken Down Some Of Mia Page S Walls His Charms And Sexual Prowess Coaxed Her From Sex No Strings, To A Committed Relationship, But A Misunderstanding Threatened Everything He Had Worked For Gabe S Determined To Make Mia Forgive Him, His Ultimate Goal, To Possess Not Just Her Body, But Her HeartDespite Their Incredible Sex Life, Gabe S Domineering And Controlling Personality Really Pushes Mia S Buttons, While She Infuriates Him With Her Stubborn And Defensive Nature Their Two [C.
Fallowfield] ß Baggage & Buttons (Austin #2) [sword-and-sorcery PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Personalities Combined Create Fireworks To Complicate Matters Further, Mia Has To Face Up To Her Deteriorating Health, While Best Friend Lexi Also Has A Tough Choice To Make Their Decisions Will Not Only Affect Their Lives, But Could Affect Those Of The People Who Care About Them Mia and Gabe continue their story together, both so scared to hurt each other Mia finally admitting to herself the feeling she has for Gabe is truly love It scares her so much she doesn t want to believe it herself but finally gives in Mia, between her health concerns and her best friend s pregnancy, hopefully she is able to lean on Gabe to help her get thru it all Book 2 is much better than the first I really could not put it down I was so eager to see what was going to happen next And I still wantReally good story.
↠´ Baggage & Buttons (Austin #2) ↠´ The story continues for Gabe and Mia I think this is such a beautiful book The connection between them is just unbelievable, their chemistry is just off the charts Mia likes to keep pushing Gabe s buttons and she s a stubborn and feisty little thing But that doesn t stop Gabe from feeling the way he does for her He is so utterly and madly in love with this girl and even though she likes to irritate him, he can t seem to stay mad at her for a long period of time The love they share is way too strong for them to part ways They have a beautiful connection Mia is just as in love with Gabe as he is with her She finally starts opening up to him and admits to him that she loves him and she feels like she can t live and breath without him.
Lexi and Doug are also supporting characters in this series and they are I m hooked on this series Sweet,funny and very hot Full Review to Follow Baggage Buttons was the steamiest book yet Not only is it hot, its full of passion and love as well I m actually still trying to pull myself together Definitely hawt hawt I fell in love with Gabe and Mia in the first book and the love keeps on rolling This is not your aunt Martha s erotica this is eyes popping out of skulls and people fainting and having heart attacks In this installment these two lovers have some obstacles to overcome I m happy to report that they seem to be made for each other Yummy yummy warning They light up the pages with their chemistry I love this series I really enjoy Fallowfield s writing the way she incorporates the wit and charm with the steam and passion I don t think I ve ever read a book quite so detailed that I m 100% drawn to All other erotica books should pick up ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT THIS SERIES JUST GETS BETTER BETTER Book 2 in The Austin Series continues Mia and Gabe s love story as they begin to develop as a couple The sex is sizzling amazing sex scenes, seriously delish and love for one another is so intense it scares the hell out of them In this book we can see their relationship become aboutthan just sex, although that is still off the chart hot Gabe is the epitome of the alpha male yet has a kindness to him that all women crave for and many don t find Mia is his world However, Mia is growing as a young woman and a feisty one at that and whilst she loves his attention she can t stand his need to know her every move yet is torn as she loves him like no other Seeing how their relationship is unfolding is such a great page turner, as you root for them to fight f

I received an ARC for an honest reviewThis was a great second book Gabe and Mia continue to navigate their relationship the best they know how They both continue to do things that bother the other although I feel Mia does thison purpose instead of tackling things head on I understand they are both young and trying to find their way through their first adult serious relationship while dealing with their own baggage I really love Lexi and how she has come into her ownShe has her own set of problems and is still a loyal wonderful friend to Mia She is a very strong character that is hard to not love They both carry heavy loads in this book that you learnabout Their chemistry they can deal with it s the other stuff they are muddling through They are young and it shows I am proud of Gabe for working hard thr God, its sooo boring I mean relationship wise, it s pretty well documented, the different stages of a relationship Other than that, it s lust lust lust Give it a break already Have some fucking drama in there It s all I love you so much MIa , and I love you Gabe googly eyesAnd I don t understand how Mia won t fucking go see a doctor as fast as possible I mean , hello, Gabe s mom just suddenly died How can she not understand her health will affect Gabe Am I the only one that thinks Mia is a little slutty And she is such a contradiction First, she s afraid Gabe only loves her bc of the fantastic sex and she gives this two night no sleepover idea The first thing she does when she is on the phone is do phone sex or face time sex What a hypocrite Ever just asked Gabe about his life Every time she s home, shes either n