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University Students Collide In An Explosion Of Sizzling Sexual Chemistry, But Gabe Austin S Going To Have To Break Down Some Of Mia Page S Emotional Walls If He Wants To Take Possession Of Her Heart, As Well As Her BodyBest Friends Mia Page And Lexi Clarke Start University And Make A Pact To Turn Over A New Leaf Tainted By Their Pasts, They Re Going To Try And Get Over Their Commitment Phobias Mia S Going To [ Pdf New Leaves, No Strings (Austin #1) Ã high-school PDF ] by C.
Fallowfield ¼ Lose Her Virginity With Hot, No Strings Attached Sex The Rebellious Lexi S Going To Try Ditching Her One Night Stands In Favour Of Attempting To Have A RelationshipWhat Mia Didn T Count On However Was Gabe Austin, Confident, Sexy And Irresistibly Gorgeous, Who Quickly Inserts Himself Into Her Life Inextricably Drawn To Each Other, Their Desire Soon Leads To A Passionate Encounter Gabe S Fears Of Abandonment And His Domineering Personality, Along With Mia S Own Fears Of Attachment, Threaten To Derail His Attempts To Ensure She Becomes His, Heart Body And Soul Despite Mia S Reticence, Gabe Austin S A Guy Who Is Used To Getting What He Wants Just As He Seems To Have Won Mia Around, He Goes And Does Something That Could Ruin Everything I love Gabe This was a great recommendation Sonjia Looking forward toif Gabe and Mia I was given a copy of the book by fifty shades of grey support group for my honest review, I have to be honest when I received the book the title through me off, I really didn t think I would like the book Well I was wrong It was a well written thought out story I think I may have fallen for Gabe He was charming, funny and very possessive All the things I like Mia was sweet She was blown away by Gabe, she totally didn t want to fall Would I recommend this book yes I loved it I also thought the relationship between Lexi and Mia always a strong addition to the book They werethan just friends they were each other s family Can t wait until book 2 Love love love this book The story is relatable to many, it is steamy If you like a book that will reach out and grab you and pull you into the story fast this is it I simply can not wait for the rest of the series If you are not up on your slang it can be some what of a challenge to interpret but the references I was not familiar with wasn t hard to figure out It isn t without some misspellings or word usage mistakes but for me the story simply took over I will be waiting for every installment to Mia, Gabe, Lex and all the college kids with anticipation Somebody hose me down scorchio I absolutely loved this book I was hooked from the first few pages 18 year old Mia Page is a young beautiful, independent woman, who although has a healthy interest in sex and men, has had a difficult father daughter relationship and hence never submitted to or met the right man to take her virginity Her best friend and housemate at University, Lexi, is the complete opposite Horny as hell and proud of it, she is rather promiscuous and recognising that neither are completely satisfied with their current lifestyles, they decide that something has to change with both of them They form a pact a new start at Uni a new chance to move forward in their adult sexual lives Mia has to have, actual sex to get over her issues and her recent break up, and Lexi needs to tone it down and try the dating scene to stick to The Austin series is a new one for me I read the synopsis and I thought I would give it a try Mia and Lexi have been best friends forever Lexi is the sister that Mia never had They both leave home to go to University Both girls have their own relationship issues or daddy issues Mia won t let a guy to close to her and the minute they fall in love the relationship is over Lexi only has one night stands She hasn t spentthan a night with a guy ever And most of the time she isn t careful when it comes to sex They decide it s time to deal with their problems Mia decides to lose her virginity and only have one night stands Lexi needs to spendthan one night with the same guy Mia s plans were looking like it was going to be pretty easy She met the perfect guy to help her with her v card problem Until he breaks up with his girlfriend and is looking for a committed rela ↠´ New Leaves, No Strings (Austin #1) ↠´ WOW, I am totally enthralled with this series and this is barely the first book I honestly couldn t get enough of Mia and Gabe I thought they were the perfect couple I finally see a book with a girl beingdominant and stubborn than the guy.
Mia has problems getting close to any guy She thinks they re going to run off on her just like her dad did He promises her things and never goes through with his promises.
Gabe has been guarding his heart ever since his mom died He can t seem to find the right girl He dates and he screws any girl that throws themselves at him But when Mia comes into the picture he just feels like she s the girl for him.
When Gabe and Mia finally meet and start talking, they hit it off right away Mia and Lexi have decided to make a pact, Immediately I was drawn to the story because of Mia Page and Lexi Clarke They have been best friends since they were 11 years old and now starting college together at the University Mia is an 18 year old virgin and Lexi on the other hand does one night stands Both are scared of having a committed relationship all due to their past So while attending the Uni and living on their own they both started a pact together Mia was to lose her V card to a hot guy with no strings attached and Lexi was going to try for a real relationship Their friendship is very entertaining They brought much humor to the book whether they were together or texting Now comes Gabe Austin He s on the Uni swim team He s blonde, with blue eyes, strong jaw, broad muscular shoulders and a body to die for He s sexy, confident, arrogant but Mia and Gabe fall for each other quickly, but it s not always a sweet fairytale relationship They both have their own personal issues struggles that I predict will continue to hinder their love for each other I enjoyed the chemistry between Mia and Gabe Mia isn t a pushover who ll easily submit to Gabe s every wishes I like strong heroines and I think Mia will continue to prove her independence Gabe is almost too good to be truehe s perfect and completely doting of his lover.
If you love hot sexy love scenes, this author can definitely deliver it to you This is a terrific debut novel for this author Her writing style is impressive, and her story telling ability is visually palpable The story does end with a cliffhanger, but hey, this is why we I received this book an exchange for an honest review I don t read a lot of the New Adult genre,but this book was pretty good Mia and Lexi are best friends, heading to Uni and away from home They vow to each other that they will both turn over a new leaf with the beginning of their new life Mia, a somewhat uptight virgin, is going for the no strings attached sex, while Lexi, who is very experienced in the no strings approach, is going to try to her hand at having a relationship Mia meets a breathtaking swimmer, Gabe, that has her literally fainting upon sight of him She decides not to tell him that she is a virgin and he takes her out on all kinds of sex not aware of the fact that he is about to be her first Mia shows enough natural ability in her actions